Evanston Animal Shelter

Having now lived in Evanston for as long as I have, one of my favorite things about this city is the willingness of residents to jump right in to make things better.  A perfect example of this is the story of the Evanston Animal Shelter.  With concerns over the existing management team’s alleged practices involving the treatment of animals in their care, citizens voiced their concerns leading to the eventual turnover of this team.

And, while there is an active search taking place to find a new management group, Evanston Animal Shelter is presently being run by a caring group of volunteers who I had the chance to connect with as part of a recent Real Estate with Purpose donation.  This is a group of hardworking folks trying to provide a safe and healthy place for stray cats and dogs in the Evanston community, and frequently going above and beyond to ensure this goal is met.

The personal benefit I receive out of Real Estate with Purpose is the opportunity to interface with groups like this throughout Chicago and Evanston.  In fact, animal shelters have long been leading recipients of donations from me in the past, so it came as no surprise when my clients asked about local shelters we could support through their upcoming real estate transaction.

I began working with Chloe and Yoon in the later Summer of 2014 to find a single family home in Northwest Evanston that would provide their family a place to grow into, and their dog, Huchu, a great big backyard to roam.  When it came time for them to choose a local charity, selecting Evanston Animal Shelter was an easy decision.

The funds that were generated from the purchase of Chloe’s & Yoon’s home allowed the shelter to renovate their existing adoption room, creating a more hospitable location for future families to meet – and adopt – some lovable four legged friends. While the plaque says “Real Estate with Purpose,” the true credit goes to my clients – Chloe and Yoon – who selected this great local organization.




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