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Roscoe Village real estate offers one of those quiet Chicago neighborhoods that you stumble upon, immediately love, and then say to yourself “Wait… this is Roscoe Village?!”

Tucked away between Ravenswood and Western Avenues, this neighborhood sits off the ‘El’ tracks and is usually only accessed by car or the intrepid pedestrian.  You’ve likely passed it during a green light at Roscoe when you are traveling north on Damen, but rarely turned left to explore all that this neighborhood has to offer.  For others, you’ve may have identified the strip along Lincoln running north of Belmont and south of Addison as a RV, and thought nothing of it.  But this is a great Chicago neighborhood.

First off, while it may not offer the wide range of restaurants and bars that you find elsewhere, the places that are there all provide a level of comfort and familiarity that you look for in neighborhood haunts.  Costello’s is the best sandwich in Chicago.  And the Roscoe Village location is the best Costello’s location in Chicago.  So, that means that the Roscoe Village Costello’s is the way sandwich shop in Chicago.  Yes, that is one person’s opinion, but I stand by it!

Also, one of the best – and most surprising – little beer gardens in Chicago is housed in Roscoe Village at Village Tap.  This is the kind of place you can walk in for a quick pint, and then discover that four hours have passed and you’ve had a great day.

Warm days you can eat an ice cream cone at the front step of Paciugo’s, cold days you can enjoy a Pinot at Volo, and everyday in between you can entertain yourself with the charming notes posted on the Roscoe Village neighborhood kiosks located intermittently along the main drag.







North – North Center
South – Lakeview
West – Avondale
East – Lakeview

Zip Code(s):


Public Transportation:

  • CTA: Brown Line (Paulina, Addison)

Main Roadways:

  • Western Avenue (N/S)
  • Lincoln Avenue (N/S)
  • Roscoe (E/W)
  • Addison (E/W)


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