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Real Estate with Purpose was created with the intention of using real estate transactions as a vehicle for improving the community through support of local charities and organizations.  However, the concept of ‘home’ is one that is more local than what is usually defined by zip codes and street address.  Specifically encountered in the phrase “that hit close to home”. Such is the case for parents-to-be and first time home buyers, Sarah and Jim.

Sarah and Jim were actively seeking a single family home for sale in Evanston before eventually finding a wonderful home that answered all of their needs in Highland Park.  So while Sarah counted down the days to becoming a new mother, she fondly remembers the mothers of two dear friends that recently passed from cancer. These mothers created homes that created incredible children, and – in the process – provided an example for the next generation.

This Real Estate with Purpose donation is made in loving memory of two strong and courageous women – Wendy Cardinal and Barbara Mazurkc – and has been split between the Foundation for Women’s Cancer and the American Cancer Society.

Thank you, Sarah and Jim, for trusting me to help you find your first home, and creating an opportunity for us to acknowledge how important moms are to creating homes.