There are a lot of contributing factors for why people move.  It could a new job or business opportunity, a change of scenery or a return to a hometown.  Unfortunately, sometimes a move comes after a drastic change to a family, through death or divorce.  However, no matter the reason, a move always means change and hope for a positive tomorrow.  My goal is to provide my clients with the necessary resources to create positive opportunities for themselves as it relates to their housing situation.

Evanston-based organization, The Lilac Tree, was established to empower women going through a difficult time in their lives and assist them along the road to positive change.  To do so, they offer a mixture of counseling & support groups, along with seminars on financial and legal education, career development resources, and – most importantly – an emotional base for women caught in unhappy marriages.

As the most recent recipient of a Real Estate with Purpose charitable contribution, visiting The Lilac Tree’s Evanston’s location was an illuminating experience.  Here is a charity that receives very little recognition or awareness, while operating under the radar to provide amazing support and services to women in need.  The funds generated by my client’s new condo purchase will go to cover the costs for informational workshops for women who otherwise could not afford to attend.

‘Thank you’ to the supportive administrative team at The Lilac Tree, who continue to help the women throughout Chicago, and, congratulations to my client, Bella, for the exciting changes coming to your life!